About us

Today, digital asset funds have to spend way too many hours and resources managing their data and operations. These efforts take away from time spent investing and fundraising.

Ops teams spend countless hours downloading and reconciling spreadsheets from exchanges, prime brokers, or third-party vendors, to track performance and risk and report back to GPs/LPs.

Portfolio managers end up analyzing obsolete or incomplete data, building, maintaining, and re-running analyses decoupled from real-time portfolio and market performance. This set up is even worse for data scientists and quants working with larger datasets. All of this while having to manage data integrity and security.

Our team knows these problems well: Genie’s next-generation platform has been engineered from the ground up to free up funds from these costly burdens. With Genie, funds can operate much faster for a fraction of the cost of hiring internal teams or paying for multiple vendors. Genie’s cloud-based platform enables funds to scale, manage market volatility, and focus on return generation.

Our team includes PhDs and MBAs from leading institutions specializing in computational intelligence, machine learning, optimization in uncertain environments, finance, and digital assets. We pride ourselves on our high-performance culture and obsession with customer satisfaction.