Supercharge your investment team with Genie.

Using cutting-edge AI, Genie’s dashboards and APIs help investors make faster and smarter investment decisions, without the need to hire a whole quant team.
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Genie’s dashboard supports portfolio managers across the entire investment lifecycle

Generate and test investment ideas

Discover new investment opportunities
Build investment theses faster using Genie’s cutting-edge data interpretation tools
Boost decision-making capabilities
Make more informed decisions using Genie’s proprietary signals and market forecasters
Stess test your investment decisons
Run scenario analyses on your portfolio to sense-check your investment ideas

Optimize position sizes and execution

Optimize position size
Auto-calculate position sizes that fit your risk targets
Minimize execution costs
Route your trades optimally across exchanges
Analyze Investment Tradeoffs
Account for assets' liquidity and characteristics when taking a position

Manage performance risk in real time

Manage performance risk in real time
Improve your reaction time to changing market conditions using Genie’s live risk quantification and management engine
Automate portfolio monitoring
Manage and monitor all your holdings in one place in real-time using Genie’s portfolio analytics, insights, and notifications 2
Simplify reporting
Consolidate and organize reports in an easy-to-export way
Genie’s offering is available via API and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing tech stack

Invest programmatically? Integrate Genie's data into your pipeline via API

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Why us? Our team includes PhDs in ML/AI who have won international awards in their fields, finance experts from Wharton, and operators from Revolut who tackled some of tech's biggest problems before launching Genie.

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